Dear Saints,

   We are grateful to the Lord for another opportunity to have the Summer School of Truth (SST). This time is absolutely crucial for our young people to be unveiled to see the revelation of God’s intention. As the young people receive the Word, the veils will be taken away so that they may see something of the Triune God. A certain matter may be hidden from their view, but by the turning of their heart and the teaching of the Word, the veils gradually are taken away.

   This year’s SST will begin in Cypress (Monday to Wednesday with hospitality provided) and conclude in Oak Glen (Thursday evening to Lord’s Day afternoon – see the schedule below). This essential time will foster a healthy hunger for the truth in our young people and constitute them long-term. We hope that you would prayerfully consider before the Lord and set apart your schedule to participate in this year’s SST.

For this year’s SST, the 2024-2025 incoming 7th-8th graders will cover the subject God’s Full Salvation, the incoming 9th-10th graders will cover the subject Life, and the incoming 11th-12th graders will cover the subject The Church.

   We will conduct the local aspect of the SST at the meeting hall of the church in Cypress. Our hope is that by having part of the SST locally many more parents, saints and college students would be able to participate, thereby facilitating the Lord’s personal appearing to each young person. To register, go to the online form at:

   The registration fee is $175 per person. Lesson books and other materials will be provided for the young people, parents, serving ones and college students. Payments can be submitted through the church website ( or physically by check in your district. Checks can be made payable to The church in Anaheim and should be turned into an offering box. Registration deadline is Lord’s Day, May 19.

   Please pray for this time, that the hearts of the young people would be good ground for the Lord’s word, and that this time would truly be a summer “restaurant” of truth in which the tasty dishes and the healthy teaching of God’s economy are served to the young people for their constitution and enjoyment unto the building up of the Body of Christ.

Monday-Lord’s Day, June 17-23

Monday-Wednesday @ Cypress Meeting Hall—9512 Juanita St., Cypress, CA
Thursday-Lord’s Day @ Oak Glen Christian Conference Center—39364 Oak Glen Road, Yucaipa, CA 92399


To complete the required Release of Liability & Medical Release forms:
ADULT FORM (for Parents/Serving Ones)
a) Download the packet to your computer:
b) Complete the forms, sign, and save the PDF.
c) Email back the completed forms to:


Registration fee of $175 per person can be submitted by clicking the link below:

(Other localities outside of Anaheim can submit their payments according to their local arrangement)

You will be redirected to the church in Anaheim’s portal by clicking on the donation button (if you prefer to make the payment by check, submit the payment into the church’s offering box and indicate this is for the Summer School of Truth and be sure to include who it is for):

PayPal - The safer, easier way to pay online!
to the church through the PayPal Giving Fund. (Be sure to check the box that says “Share my name and email with this charity.”)


After completing steps 1-2-3, your registration is now complete.
We will announce to all those attending SST including the parents: when, what, where, and how to prepare several weeks before the orientation meeting on Saturday, June 15.