God-ordained Way Reading Program—
Week of April 8, 2012

This week we continue with week 4 of the God-ordained way reading schedule for the churches in Anaheim, Cypress, and Orange. Detailed information including the full reading schedule is available at churchinanaheim.org/gowreading/.

This week we will be reading The Vital Groups, Chapters 7 and 8. This book is available for purchase from Living Stream Ministry. You can also read it online at ministrybooks.org.

The Vital Groups Chapter 7 is a continuation of Chapter 6 on shepherding and teaching being the obligation of the vital groups. In the previous chapter we saw that shepherding and teaching are in Christ’s ministry for carrying out God’s eternal economy. In this chapter we want to see the shepherding and teaching in the gifted persons and in the eldership. Chapter 8 goes on to show us that love prevails. Shepherding and teaching without love is in vain. Both shepherding and teaching need love, not our natural love but His divine love. Because the church is a home, a hospital, and a school, we should be one with the Lord to raise up, to heal, to cover, and to teach others in love. Love covers and builds up, so love is the most excellent way for us to be anything and to do anything for the building up of the Body of Christ.

Week Four: April 8th to April 14th

If you have any questions or comments contact us at: gowreading@gmail.com.