God-ordained Way Reading Program—
Week of March 18, 2012

This week marks the beginning of the God-ordained way reading schedule for the churches in Anaheim, Cypress, and Orange. Detailed information including the full reading schedule is available at churchinanaheim.org/gowreading/.

This week we will be reading The Vital Groups, Chapters 1 and 2. This book is available for purchase from Living Stream Ministry. You can also read it online at ministrybooks.org.

The Vital Groups is composed of messages given by Brother Witness Lee in Anaheim, California from August 21 through December 11, 1996. Chapter 1 is on the purpose of the vital groups, which is to live the kingdom life and to live the church life. The practice of the vital group meetings is seen in Matthew 18:15-22, which teaches us how to have small groups in the kingdom life, and 2 Timothy 2:22, which teaches us how to have a church life in the degradation of the church. Chapter 2 is the first of two chapters on the constituents of the vital groups. In this chapter we see that the constituents of the vital groups are the believers in Christ, the disciples of Christ, and the witnesses of Christ.

For those who wish to use Living Stream Ministry’s Scheduled Reading website (ministrybooks.org/reading/) for reading through The Vital Groups, a reading plan has been made available for sharing. To join this reading plan, log in and click on the ‘share plan’ link at the top of the page. Enter the following information into the ‘Join an Existing Reading Plan’ table:

Shared Reading Plan Name: vitalgroups
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