Fellowship Concerning Wars

The brothers who oversee Living Stream Ministry have recommended a portion from Watchman Nee’s collected works that is relevant to the current world situation. In English this portion is in The Collected Works of Watchman NeeVolume 45, chapter 139. To read this excerpt online:

  1. Go to ministrybooks.org/watchman-nee-books.cfm;
  2. Scroll down to “53. Collected Works of Watchman Nee, The (Set 2) Vol. 45: Conferences, Messages, and Fellowship (5)” and click on it; and
  3. In the book’s “Table of Contents” scroll down to “17. World Wars and the Church (Chapter One Hundred Thirty-Nine)” and click on it.

Brother Nee’s prayer at the Keswick Convention in 1938 is also instructive. When he was asked to offer a prayer concerning the war that was raging between China and Japan, he prayed:

The Lord reigneth. He is reigning, and He is Lord of all. Nothing can touch His authority. It is the spiritual forces that are out to destroy the interests of the Lord in China and in Japan. We do not pray for Japan. We do not pray for China. But we pray for the interests of Thy Son in China and in Japan. We do not blame any men. They are only tools in the hand of the enemy of the Lord. Lord, we stand in Thy will. Lord, shatter the Kingdom of Darkness. Lord, the persecution of Thy Church is persecuting Thee. – The Keswick Convention: 1938 (London: Pickering & Inglis, 1938), 246.