Children and Young People

“The children’s meeting, the young people’s work, and the gospel work on the college campuses are all related as one work (“one piece”). “
The Collected Works of Witness Lee, 1983, vol 3, page 129

Church Policy
The church in Anaheim recognizes the importance of ministry to children and young people and the need to safeguard them when entrusted to the church’s care. Since they can become the victims of neglect or of physical, sexual, or emotional abuse, the Board of Directors (Board) of the corporation known as The Church in Anaheim has adopted the following policy. Click here to read/download.

For all families, we ask every family complete a registration form (ONE per family); this enables us to know who our children, young people, and parents are.
For those who’re burdened to serve with either children and/or young people in any capacity, big or small, please complete the 2 part (application and background check) process.

Registration for Families of the Children & Young People

With the return to in-person this Fall 2022 season, we ask that all our children and young people be registered. Therefore, ALL FAMILIES are required to complete this form. Fill out ONE form per family.
Submit a form here.

Application for Serving One‘s (including serving parents)

All parents and burdened saints who desire to serve, including those who have previously served, are required by state law to submit: (1) a new service application and (2) a background check. Also, we want to ask each family to register all their children and/or young people for the meetings. To do so, follow the steps below:

(1) Service Application
This is an information form for all parents who have children and/or burdened saints who may serve with the children (whether grandparents, working saints, college students, young people, or parents). Click on the link below to complete the application:
·      Parent’s and Serving Ones Application (18 years old and older) 
·      Young People’s Application (for young people 12 to 17 years old that want to serve with children)

(2) Background Check
All parents and adult burdened saints are asked to fill out this online background check form. The cost is covered by the church. This online application and information are maintained on a secure third-party server, and your private information will not be shared or stored by the church. The results of the check will be reviewed by a responsible brother in the church in Anaheim.
Request a background check here.

Children and Young Peoples’ Websites

For more specific information related to the children or young people activities, material, services, and more visit: