Announcements—Week of May 13, 2012


Sixth Grade Baptisms
Today, May 13, 2012, the sixth grade baptisms will take place at District 1, 1853 W. Ball Rd. immediately after the morning meeting. All are welcome to attend to receive these dear young people into the glorious church life.

2012 Summer Training Hospitality
Please pray concerning the giving of hospitality during this summer training, and consider how many saints you can receive in your home. Sign-up sheets are available. Please return the completed sheets to the offering box.

Upcoming Conference and Trainings

International Memorial Day Conference: May 25-28 at the Hyatt Regency Bellevue, WA:.

Please remember to sign up to serve with the children on the evening of May 27 at Bellevue.

Group rate reservations of $115 can also be made at: Westin Bellevue Hotel. Their number is 1-888-627-1084 or 425-638-1000. The cut off date for the group rate is May 14, 2012. Request the group rate for Living Stream Ministry when making your reservation. Includes free parking Friday and Saturday night.

Conference in Italy and First Lord’s Table in Rome
Rome, Italy, June 16-17, 2012
For detailed information and registration for the conference go to The due date is May 15th.