Announcements — Week of February 5, 2017

Change to Bible-reading Schedule
Between now and the church’s corporate meeting on March 5, the Bible-reading schedule will follow a plan to read the entire New Testament, text only without footnotes.

Change of Locations for Prayer Meetings
Beginning December 31, the locations of the prayer meetings of the church in Anaheim will permanently change as follows:

Chinese-speaking in C101 Spanish-speaking in C103
Korean-speaking in C102 English-speaking in C104

C101 is on the west side of the building; C102, C103, C104 are all on the north side.

Prayer for Gospel Trips
There is a daily prayer meeting for the international and domestic FTTA gospel trips:

Beginning:  January 23 Ending Time: February 10
Monday through Friday Time: 6:30 – 7:00 AM
Location: 2528 W. La Palma Ave.

Special International Conference
A special international conference will be held on February 17-19 at the MCC. This conference will be for the release of the burden of the Lord’s move on earth today. Saints of all languages are strongly encouraged to attend. Messages 1—3 will be spoken in Chinese and Messages 4—5 in English. Please bring an FM radio.

Dates for Summer School of Truth 2017
The church in Anaheim summer school of truth will begin June 5 and continue through June 24, 2017. We hope that all the families in Anaheim will schedule their summer vacation plans around these dates so that our young people can get the full benefit of this precious time of deposit for their constitution.