Announcements — Week of December 26, 2021

Special Prayer on December 31
The church in Anaheim will hold a special time of prayer on December 31 from 9:00 p.m. to 10 p.m. The saints will gather on Zoom to pray by language. The Zoom meeting details for each language are the same as for today’s meetings (for more details please see the small group announcements). The saints in each language are encouraged to read the paragraph under the heading “BEING REVIVED EVERY MORNING TO BE RENEWED DAY BY DAY” in chapter 1 of the book Being Renewed Day by Day (CWWL, 1989, vol. 2). Please read also Habakkuk 3:2 and the footnote and Hosea 6:2 and the second paragraph of the footnote.

Statement from the Elders Regarding COVID-19 Protective Restrictions
Based upon our experience in our recent weekend conferences, we are continuing to prepare our facilities for the initiation of an in-person meeting option. As we proceed, we will carefully observe our community profile of new COVID-19 cases.

Fall Term of Online Children’s Meetings
There will be no children’s meetings TODAY, December 26, and on January 2. Please see next week’s announcements for details regarding the resumption of the children’s meetings.

Young People’s Meeting on January 1
There will be no YP meeting on January 1. The YP meeting will resume on January 8.

Online Basic Truth Meeting
There will be no Basic Truth Meeting TODAY, December 26. An announcement regarding the resumption of these meetings in 2022 will be made in the coming weeks.

Use of Southern California Blending Center at Oak Glen
During the pandemic, until the Oak Glen conference center returns to normal use, it is now being made available for use by families for family retreats and by serving saints, full-time teams, retired saints, or families who homeschool their children. For a limited time Oak Glen is open for use also as a wedding venue. Please email for further information.

Serving at the Bibles for America Distribution Center
The BfA Distribution Center (DC) has moved to the LSM campus. Those who are burdened and would like to be a candidate to serve as a volunteer at the DC can apply at A short video on the BfA operation at the DC is provided at This is a wonderful opportunity to serve in spreading God’s interpreted Word to the hungry and seeking ones.

Three-Year Bible Reading Schedule
A weekly schedule is provided in the Church News for the saints to read through the text (without footnotes) of the entire Bible in three years. Each day’s readings will require 8 to 10 minutes. To keep track of their progress, the saints can download a schedule with check boxes from

English-speaking sisters’ Prayer Times
Each week sisters’ prayer times are held on Wednesday at 10:00 a.m. and on Saturday at 8:30 a.m. Please see the small group announcements for the Zoom ID.