Announcements — Week of April 14, 2024

SCYP 6th Grade Conference
The 6th Grade Conference this year will be held in person at Oak Glen. Registration is open. The conference dates are May 3-5, and the cost is $115. To register and find more information, go to

Registration for the July Semiannual Training
Registration for the July semiannual training is now open. The registration deadline is May 1. This is a firm deadline for the live training and is extendable only for the video training. Registration can be completed online, by mail, or in person. For more information, please visit

Offerings for DCP
Offerings can be given to support the Defense and Confirmation Project (DCP). To give by check, credit card, or PayPal, follow the instructions at See the small group announcements for information on how to obtain instructions on giving by ACH or wire transfer.

Giving for the church in Hualien
On April 3 a severe earthquake struck the island of Taiwan near the city of Hualien. A small number of saints were injured, but none seriously. More than 40 saints from 20 households are homeless due to the earthquake damage. The church in Anaheim would like to send a donation to the church in Hualien. Saints who would like to donate through the church in Anaheim for this purpose can do so by following instructions at Please be sure to designate your donation for “church in Hualien.” If you give through the PayPal Giving Fund, please send an email to specifying the amount of your donation and indicating that your donation is for the church in Hualien.

2024 Summer School of Truth Dates
The 2024 Summer School of Truth will be held from Monday through Lord’s Day, June 17 to 23. The sessions from Monday through Thursday will be held locally, and the sessions from Thursday through Lord’s Day will be held at Oak Glen.

Gospel Trips during the 2024 Paris Olympics
Detailed information concerning gospel trips to be conducted during the 2024 Paris Olympics is available on the Amana Trust website at Please follow instructions carefully if you desire to participate. Offerings can be given through LME for Bible distribution and other expenses by following instructions at Designate your offering for “Paris Olympics.”

Registration for Children’s Meetings and Background Check for Serving Ones
In order for the children to participate in the children’s meetings, all parents are required to register their immediate family, including parents, children, and young people. In addition, all saints who desire to serve with the children and the young people, including those who have previously served, are required by state law to submit a new application and request a background check. Links to the church’s policy, family registration, and serving one’s application and background check can be found at

English-speaking Sisters’ Prayer Times
Each week sisters’ prayer times are held on Wednesday at 10:00 a.m. and on Saturday at 8:30 a.m. Please see the small group announcements for the Zoom ID.

Giving through the PayPal Giving Fund
Those who give to the church through the PayPal Giving Fund ( must now make sure that, for each donation, on the web page where the amount of the donation is specified, the box next to “Share my name and email with this charity” is checked before they complete their donation. If this box is not checked, the donation will be considered “Anonymous,” and the donor’s name will be unknown to the church so you will receive no confirmation of your donation for tax purposes.